Friday, March 14, 2008

You gotta watch the parsing

Mr. "Turdblossom" explains how he learned about "honesty" here:
[Karl Rove]: "Well I’ve been privileged to work for two men who’s last name is Bush. George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are two pretty remarkable men. And I’ve learned a lot from them, learned a lot about life, learned a lot about character, learned a lot about loyalty and trust and honesty and straightforwardness."
I have no reason to doubt this. But what is he saying? He's not saying he learned to be honest from these people. He's saying he learned about "honesty" from them, and its many uses and drawbacks, depending on what you're trying to do....

Of course, we know what he learned from Dubya.....

FWIW, Rove learned about "loyalty" from George H.W. Bush, because Bush the Elder fired him for stabbing fellow Republican Robert Mosbacher in the back.


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