Friday, January 25, 2008

Do we have a nomination for "Stoopidest Preznit Ever"?

This really takes the cake (h/t Think Progress and Digby):
Fox News reporter Bret Baier “was granted unprecedented access by George W. Bush” to put together a one hour documentary that reflects back on his presidency. The documentary will air this Sunday night.

Baier previewed his documentary — “George W. Bush: Fighting to the Finish” — on Fox News this afternoon. He said that what surprised him from the interview was the President’s repeated efforts to link himself to Abraham Lincoln:
We talked a lot about President Lincoln. And there’s going to be a lot of people out there who watch this hour and say, is he trying to equate himself with Lincoln?

I tell you what — he thinks about Lincoln and the tough times that he had during the Civil War. 600,000 dead. The country essentially hated him when he was leaving office.

And the President reflects on that. This is a President who is really reflecting on his place in history.
... yes, as Lincoln was "leaving office", his blood spilling on the Ford Theatre floor. Digby follows up with some speculation on what happened here (well, outside of total cluelessness at FauxSnooze):
Update: A number of readers have written in to point out how odd it is that Bush characterizes Lincoln as being hated when he was "leaving office," as if he doesn't know that Lincoln had actually just been reelected in a landslide, was despised only by those in the defeated south and was well ... shot.

It makes you wonder if Bush even knows the sixth grade level history of Lincoln's term. Of course, he does have a degree in history from Yale so it's a little bit hard to believe that, but it's been a long time and maybe he forgot.

As I wrote to one of the readers, I suspect that this whole Lincoln thing is something some sycophant told him in passing and he's adopted it as his coping mechanism: "don't worry Mr President, Lincoln was despised when he left office and he's now known as America's greatest president. You will be too!"

As poppy would say, "nah guh happen."
To be sure, I don't really think I can suggest any explanation for the psychopathology exhibited here; my only question is "Who will be the one to do the responsible thing and invoke the 25th Amendment?"

As for even being "despised" by those in the South, I'd just point out that certain people down there weren't asked much for their opinions at the time, much less allowed to vote, so it may be a bit hard to measure the popular sentiment there....


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