Monday, February 11, 2008

For those that need a reminder...

... we have the 394th edition of Dubya's War on a Noun ["truth: (n) 1). something to be assiduously avoided", to be specific]

Dubya's a Natural Born Liar.

What's amasing is that he's gotten so brazen that he thinks people won't know what he says from day to day, or that they won't care (the alternative is that he doesn't know what he says from day to day ... or he doesn't care).

We have this:
During Monday’s State of the Union address, Bush said, “Let us fund new technologies that can generate coal power while capturing carbon emissions.”

Yet just 24 hours after his SOTU declaration, Bush’s Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman indicated the White House was pulling the plug on the ambitious FutureGen project, a clean coal plant that was touted as “the cleanest fossil fuel fired power plant in the world.”

(h/t ThinkProgress)

And then, just to make sure we get the point, we have:
In 2002, President Bush announced the creation of the Millennium Challenge Account to “expand our fight against AIDS” and aid democracy in developing nations. He promised that the program would receive $5 billion a year beginning in FY 2006 and beyond.

Since 2002, Bush has consistently touted this program, most recently in his State of the Union address:

America is leading the fight against global poverty, with strong education initiatives and humanitarian assistance. We’ve also changed the way we deliver aid by launching the Millennium Challenge Account. This program strengthens democracy, transparency, and the rule of law in developing nations, and I ask you to fully fund this important initiative.

Yet just a week after this speech, Bush released his FY 2009 budget that requests a funding cut for the program. Although Congress has repeatedly underfunded the program, Bush’s requests for the program have never come close to $5 billion. Funding levels for FY 2009, however, fall to a new low:

Fiscal Year Budget Request
FY 2006 $3 billion
FY 2007 $3 billion
FY 2008 $3 billion
FY 2009 $2.225 billion

The Wall Street Journal notes that Bush’s $2.225 billion request is enough to just “provide packages to Ukraine, Moldova, Jordan, Timor-Leste and Malawi.”

(h/t ThinkProgress)

Is he just going through the motions with his STFU ... ooops, sorry, "SOTU" ... speech? Does he know that the M$M will studiously ignore this, and think that no one gives a sh*te about what he actually does any more 'cause we're all just waiting for 1/20/2009? Matter of fact, is the latter actually true? Certainly not me (in part because all the Rethuglicans that have enabled this kind of stuff for the last 7 years are still around ... well maybe minus the 26 or so at last count that have decided to "retire").


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