Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gonzales tries to out-do Dubya and Rove

We have this now from ThinkProgress:
Yesterday, former attorney general Alberto Gonzales gave a speech at Washington University, for which he was compensated $30,000. Gonzales agreed to answer only pre-approved questions and closed the talk to the press.

The Washington University student paper, however, printed an account of Gonzales’s address, noting that he compared his time in the Bush administration with the presidency of Lincoln:

During his speech, Gonzales repeatedly made references comparing himself and the Bush administration to the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, suggesting that Lincoln was highly criticized during his presidency and is now highly revered.

According to Gonzales, the truths about his actions will be revealed in years to come.

“There is a difference between what you do and what people say you do. It’s going to take years for the entire story to be told,” said Gonzales. “If you worry about criticism you end up paralyzed and do nothing.”

The Bush-Lincoln comparison is quickly becoming one of the administration’s favorite talking points. In a recent interview with Fox News, Bush repeatedly tried to link himself with Lincoln, (falsely) claiming that the country “hated” Lincoln when he was leaving office.

Yeah, Dubya's delirious, and Rove's a hack and an eedjit, but "Seedy" wants to beat each of them at all these things simultaneously.

"[O]nly pre-approved questions"....

No press....

My. What country does that remind you of?


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