Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Karl Rove, world's most tireless flack for Dubya

Karl Rove, "Bush's Brain", "boy geen'yus", never one to give up, digs deep into his bag of tricks, and pulls out another zinger that will have pundits and political watchers agape:
“But I think that people will look back at the Iraq war and say ‘Thank God, he had the courage to do what he did.’ I think we’re seeing the emergence of a potentially stable democracy in the heart of the Middle East.” ...
... say, unlike Dubya's friends in Saudi Arabia ... or Kuwait ... or the UAE. Maybe all they need is a little invasion, and we could have "democracy" flowering all over the Arabian peninsula ... might even get some oil out of the deal as well....

But I thought the real rush to invade was because of all those WoMD....
He disputed a reporter’s reference to the war becoming a quagmire. “The military is succeeding, the violence is down.”
We'll hit four thousand dead U.S. soldiers by the end of March, and no end in sight. Not to mention a cool $1 trillion down the rathole. At that rate, we can democratise the world for the price of only a couple decades U.S. GDP.

(h/t to ThinkProgress)


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