Wednesday, February 20, 2008

William Kristol thinks we should trust our gummint....

As ThinkProgress reports, neocon and Dubya flack William Kristol thinks we're just too damn suspicious of our gummint:
Kristol said it was “unbelievable” for lawmakers to question the judgment of administration officials. Instead, he argued, Congress should just give them the “benefit of the doubt”:
I think it’s kind of unbelievable, frankly. It’s a judgment call. We don’t know. Not to give the administration the benefit of the doubt when they have career people, military people, intelligence people like Mike McConnell and Mike Hayden, and the attorney general, Mike Mukasey — I mean, these are not political hacks. These are not ideological people.

When they say this is important for our national security, the Congress — to block this legislation I find pretty amazing.
Of course. They're not in the least political hacks. They never lie to us. And I'm not even linking the departed sack'o'sh*te "AG" Gonzales who was both in spades....

Yes, when the noted lib'ruls Comey, Ashcroft, Mueller, and Goldsmith all threatened to resign unless the maladministration stopped doing what they were secretly doing, of course we should trust Dubya's consiglieres and thugs to "do the right thing" without any oversight....


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