Friday, February 29, 2008

Maybe I'm being dense, but....

... I'm not sure I understand the what the big deal is with Pastor John Hagee's close ties with John McCain. Glenn Greenwald feels it's worth a couple of columns (see the links), but isn't it more like a lion bites zebra story?!?!? Hatred and bigotry are what the Republicans are, it's in their nature, that's what they do.... Ever since Nixon's "Southern Strategy", all the bigots and haters have gravitated to the "Party of Fear and Hatred", the Republican party, and so you have folks like Strom Thurmond there, Trent "Gosh, would have been better if Strom had won" Lott, Tom "I'd be taking the place of some worthy N*gg*r in Vietnam" DeLay, anonanonanonanon.... Such bigotry is in fact not only expected but relied on to stir up votes. Even if McCain is personally opposed to such type bigotry and hatred, to get the base rolling, he has to tip his hat to such folks, and the Catholics (and eveyone else) be damned; such 'minorities' are not where the Republican (red) meat is, and that's certainly not where the money is.

What is needed is to point this undeniable fact out to everyone. If that's what Glenn is doing, I can understand his point.


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