Saturday, February 16, 2008

Let the sliming begin -- Part Deux

Listened to RW talk radio today (the Roger Hitchcock show on KSFO [San Francisco]).

What's the topic of discussion?

Well, wouldn'cha know....: 'How Moooosssliiiimmm is Barack HUSSEIN Obama, anyways?!?!?'

Expect the slimiest campaign ever, folks. Go out and buy a good raincoat ... or three.


Yeah, I feel like taking a shower after each exposure, but someone's got to listen to what the RW foamer contingent is up to and report on it:

Today (the 17th), RW talk radio station KSFO had the self-described "libertarian" David Gold running the boards, and he was getting his knickers in a knot about Barack Obama (whom Gold referred to rather disrespectfully as "Barry", I guess following up on Victor Davis Hanson's lead). Even with the name "Barry", Gold was sufficiently scared of Obama so as to incline towards rooting for what would otherwise be the Great Satan/C**t/Bitch Hillary.

But they're all alike once their surface is scratched. Here's Gold, speaking of Obama's wins in states such as Minnesota, but not New York, Florida, and California:
"He takes the white vote in the places where people haven't ever been exposed to blacks."
[quote approximate from memory; I was driving and couldn't write it down, but it's reasonably accurate and faithful as to the ideas expressed]

Yeah, that's the ticket.... Whites voted for Obama because they're just such rubes they've never seen a n*gg*r; let 'em get to know these types and they'll know better....

<*sheesh*> What a racist f*cktard ... and as usual, mouthed without even a glimmer of awareness that he's showing such a thing. I'd bet he doesn't think he's a racist, even though it comes through strong and clear in just how he talks about Obama.

But this erstwhile "libertarian" also had to take a shot at the Democrats for failing to pass the PAA extension (with the telecom immunity Dubya was demanding). Trusts his gummint implicitly nowadays. Yet a "libertarian".

They're just RW authoritarians, partisan to the hilt, and they'll do anything, say anything, to try to maintain the Rethuglican hold on the reins of power.....

Update 2

Ann Coulter, from a YAF talk, on Obama:
His strongest selling point is that he is one of the least dangerous people I know named Hussein. Other than that, Barack's really been kind of coasting on his record, since his first big accomplishment of being born half-black.
(h/t Democratic Underground)

Code words abound. Indirect allusions. Just to make sure the target audience doesn't forget the "salient" points.....

Update 3

Glenn Greenwald lays out more of the sh*tstorm of slime incoming....

After Obama's big wins on Tuesday, the RW is going to start laying down a real barrage, and as Glenn notes in that last link, the RW will have the willling acquiescence if not the complicity of the media:
Up until now, Obama has received relatively sympathetic treatment from the two-headed right-wing/media monster because he's been the anti-Hillary, and hatred for her resulted in affection (or at least restraint) towards him. Once he's no longer the anti-Hillary, but instead becomes the only thing standing between John McCain/GOP power and the White House, he's going to be the target of all of that bile and much, much more. As the Right begins to believe that he very well might be the enemy this Fall, and they thus pressure the media to begin its attacks, this week one got a small glimpse -- a tiny fraction -- of what is to come. So the question can't be whether the Right and the media will behave differently. They can't and won't.


At 12:41 AM, Blogger manonfyre said...

Hey Arne!,

Followed you here with the links you posted at Balkinization, in your comments to "Culture Club."

I, too, am keeping my ear to the ground and my eyes open for hints of the "slime" that is yet to come. Adding your posts to a bookmark folder that most-recently includes, Obama's Ties May Fuel 'Republican Attack Machine, and, The Cult like attack of Obama [so many comments on this last link, it gobbled up all my computer's resources to open it up just now].

Anyway, I often enjoy the sport of watching you tweek the indefatigable Bart De Palma, over at Balkinization. Keep it up!

And thanks!

Robert L.
(aka: manonfyre)

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Arne Langsetmo said...

Anyway, I often enjoy the sport of watching you tweek the indefatigable Bart De Palma, over at Balkinization.

I think you mispelled "incomprehensible"....

Thanks for stopping by!



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