Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chickenhawkus americanus

Sometimes I'm glad I'm not confined to the confines of the Yoo Ess of Effin' Aye!!! Like now, when I have the respite of a Caribbean island 'holiday' (even if such consists mostly of patching up a boat).

We have this wonderful offering from Glenn Greenwald. Just go read it.

Glennzilla links to Brad, at SadlyNo!, also worth a read. Here's Brad's money line, talking about Howie Fineman's inanity:
I mean, come on, man, look at this. How can you not feel embarrassed to write this nonsense:
[Fineman]: I’m not a “declinist.” I have faith in our special destiny and re-generative powers.
Our “special destiny”???? What kind of “special destiny” is that? Who endowed us with this “special destiny” and what have we done to deserve it?

Look, man, the fact that your mom and your dad happened to conceive your pasty white ass on the hunk of soil known as the United States of America doesn’t make you Luke Skywalker. Grow up and get real.
Emphasis added emphatically.

Digby had it nailed as well (a long time ago), as Glenn pointed out. Over and out. Standing by on 16.