Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watch the language....

Today, as we hear of the white supremacist (and Obama "birther") who shot and killed a guard at the National Holocaust museum, we have Sean InsHannity going with his usual language even after reporting the shooting, blissfully unaware of the nuances. Here's two "talking points" phrases that jump out at you:
"Conservative Underground"
Yes, this is an underground patriotic movement that is bravely defending All Things A'murkan from the present Socialist fascist occupation gummint ... and everyone knows that underground partisans are in armed (and illegal, by the terms of the nominal gummint) resistance against the Powers That Be.

"Conservatism in exile"
Methinks that's a misspelling of "conservatives in retreat". News-flash for InsHannity: You got voted out [small "d"] democratically. Pretending you got kicked out unjustly, illegally, or by dint of force, just stirs up the rabble. And we have today one more victim of this RW hysteria.


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