Wednesday, January 28, 2009


That is to say, "bipartisanship, my a$$".

The Rethuglicans have no desire to be "bipartisan". They care about party power above nation, about personal slights and vendettas above honour, and about themselves and their hallucinatory ideals of the 'perfect nation' above all else, everyone else be damned.

His Emanence Rush Limbaugh has said it plainly (regarding Obama): "I hope he fails." But that means that Obama fails to dig us out of the mess we're in. Limbaugh doesn't want Obama to be able to do that; that would be bad for Rethuglican chances in 2010.

So Obama goes for a sit-down with the Republican congresscritters, all "make nice" and "bipartisanship". What happens? The Rethuglicans vote 177 to nothing against the stimulus bill. Lock-step antagonism.

Then the whiny RW talk radio jerk Mark Levin insists that that black is white and up is down. He insists that that the vote against the bill was "bipartisan" -- supposedly because it garnered 11 Democrats voting against as well (but still passed handily), whereas only Democrats voted for it. What was really not "bipartisan" was the Republican lock-step voting; none of the Republicans would cross party lines and vote for the bill.

Levin then let slip the real sentiment: "We have two years to get back at them, to either reward them or punish them for their vote."

They don't care about anything else. They're just mad and are going to hold their breath until they turn blue. Fine. Let them. Screw them, in fact. They can go outside and have their hissy fit, and let the adults get on with business.

OK, got that, folks? No more "hands across the table". They're just gong to bite it. Harry? Nancy? Barack? Is it clear yet?!?!?


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