Friday, October 31, 2008

In case there was any question that racism is live and well....

... we need just look at the desperate Rethuglicans seeking (for lack of any alternative) to exploit it in order to win their election campaign:
As Tapped notes, earlier this week, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) proclaimed that the the “rush” of African-Americans to the polls has “got our side energized“:

“There has always been a rush to the polls by African-Americans early,” he said at the square in Covington, a quick stop on a bus tour as the campaign entered its final week. He predicted the crowds of early voters would motivate Republicans to turn out. “It has also got o
ur side energized, they see what is happening,” he said.

Similarly, Chambliss has been warning his “predominantly white base” in North Georgia, “The
other folks are voting.”

"[O]ur side", eh?  Guess it's "blacks versus Rethuglicans" down there (and they wonder why no self-respecting blacks vote for them....)

Whether it will work or not, we shall see.  The racists were going to vote Rethuglican anyway. But maybe he will "energize" the foamer RW, and they'll got vote rather than put on robes and lynch someone.


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