Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deep thought

McSame was floundering before the convention and drawing less-than-enthusiastic crowds. Then he picked a hard-core RW anti-abortion (but pro-"let me grab any money I can") nutjob as his running mate.

The Republicans swooned. They're energized. They loooooovvvveee Palin. Rather that her being a drag on the ticket -- because of her skimpy qualifications, her stoopidiy and cluelessness, and such, along with his advanced age and the risk that she would succeed to the preznitcy -- she's in fact the succour that the RW conservative base has wanted, being a bit leery of McSame's fealty to the hard RW line. They are almost drooling for him to kick off and let her run things!

Do they care about her ability and her record of accomplishments (or lack thereof)? No. Hell, this is the crew that voted for Dubya in 2000, and has stood behind him through hell and high water (literally).

They want a simple-minded ideologue as the preznit.


ThinkProgress points out that Palin's part of the Rethuglican "let me grab any money I can" crew, and the "maverick" McSame is going to let that pass ... because he wants more than anything else to get elected and so he can't diss his Veep candidate.


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