Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining

In the realm of political advertising, there's a hierarchy.

Ads placed by the campaigns of the candidates are subject to the most severe scrutiny. They must be reported, and counted against the campaign limits (if such apply). Campaign donations that are used for such must be reported, and are limited in amount.

PACs ("political action committees" were originally intended to circumvent the restrictions on direct campaign activity, but are even now regulated, as the wiser solons saw through this 'loop-hole'.

Then there's "issue" advertising, where the people wanting to put out an ad say that they're just trying to inform people about an "issue", and they really have no axe to grind about any political candidate.

A group has recently tried to insist in court that they're just trying to put out their First Amendment-protected right to speak on "issues". They're not part of any candidate's campaign, they're not for or against any candidate, they just want to "inform" people about "issues".

The name of the group? Glad you asked:
The Real Truth About Obama Inc.
Thence the post title. Clear now?


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