Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday fishblogging


It's a Muppet fish!!!

For reference, blacktip grouper, Mabul island, Malaysia, July 2, 2008, Nikon D70s with twin Ikelite DS-125 strobes, 105mm F/2.8 D Nikkor macro lens, 1/125th @ F/16 [click picture for larger image]

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At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arne, I just love the fish pix. The color in this critter is amazing. How do you ever get them to pose for you? Have you ever submitted these to National Geographic? They strike me as that level of quality. Thanks for sharing them.


At 12:55 PM, Blogger Arne Langsetmo said...

Hi Bystander!

The colour is thanks to the miracle of digital post-processing. This started out as a B/W picture, but with Adobe Photoshop 10.3's "Magic Undersea World Fantasy Colourizer" plug-in, even the most amateur photog can create marvelous undersea creatures worthy of a Disney film. They'll even provide the fishes if you're not fast enough to catch one yourself.

I do want to set up a page with slide shows of my better pictures (lots more in the blog archives, and even more awaiting treatment from the MUWFC). But that would be a different site; maybe I'll see if Photobucket or some other hosting service does such spreads for free.

And Parade magazine is running a contest for U/W pics too; I may send one of my favourites there....

Thanks for stopping by!


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