Friday, May 30, 2008

An unsurprising "reaction" to the McClellan book

We have, of course, the standard RW foamer charges of "Traitor!!!":
The right wing is circling the wagons to go on damage control. National Review’s blog, the Corner, insisted today that McClellan was a Hamas apologist. Michelle Malkin derides McClellan as a “turncoat,” and Commentary’s Jennifer Rubin calls the book “catty” and its author a “hack,” and dismisses McClellan as “probably the worst White House press secretary in recent memory.”
And then there's the ol' "That's sooooo yesterday. Can't we just move on?" and "Boooooorrrrrinnggg...." pleas.

But someone had to trot out the ol' "When you diss the preznit, you insult the troops!" one:

Was it an act of bravery or betrayal?

Editor - The revelations from ex-White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan are a sucker punch to all Americans, and they especially violate the virtue and honor of our fighting volunteer soldiers who have borne every sacrifice asked of them. Whether true or untrue, to come out against his previous employer now, after thousands of soldiers are dead and untold damage done to military families, is a classic example of the cowardice of a political criminal. How many more Scott McClellans are employed by the Bush administration?


San Mateo

So when soldiers die for a lie (or worse, for partisan political ends), pointing this out damages the soldiers and their families, more so than the very fact they died for a lie?!? This damages the soldiers' "virtue and honor"?!?!? I think I just don't understand RW FoamerThink™....


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Realist said...

I think I just don't understand RW FoamerThink™....

You say that like it's a BAD thing.

If I found myself suddenly able to appreciate conservative "reasoning" I'd probably consult a psychiatrist.

At 6:55 PM, Blogger bystander.again said...

I'm with realist on this. Maybe there are some levels of illogic one is better off not grasping. There are Foamers whose heads I never want to see inside. It'd scare me to death.

And, you're right. In addition to the list I put together at Greenwald's, I hadn't included attack. Someone was bound to fill the gap. Good catch.

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Annie said...

Another vote for realist here.

But one can also make a case for tagging those who make "traitor"-like accusations as projecting. It's the accusers who are the traitors. Unfortunately, there are many - far too many - who have committed acts of treason whilst self-proclaiming patriotism, knowingly falsely.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger LRalston said...

Wow, the part about 'jew' is out of line.

Bart" DeDicta:

The ACLJ, run by Pat Robertson's Regent University hack (and Jew For Jayyyyyyzzzzus), Jay Sekulow. Probably a nice haven for Regent University grads when they can't find a decent job.....

When you can't pull up Freepervile as a source for links, I guess that RW fundie organisations -- under the tutelage of "Gawd brought about 9/11 because of our tolerance of gays" Pat Robertson -- will do. Particularly those that cite "Wallbuilder" (and serial liar) David Barton as 'authority'.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger Arne Langsetmo said...

[LRalston is commenting on this comment I made at Balkinization]

Sorry you took offence, but "Jews For Jesus" is the assumed name of one group of Christian fundies (to be fair, I think that Sekulow self-describes as a "Messianic Jew", but may not be affiliated with the specific "Jews For Jesus" organisation).

The fact remains that these "'perfected' Jews" (to use Ann Coulter's terminology) tend to be singularly fundamentalist (and off their rocker), not to mention obnoxious proselytisers and enemies of the separation of church and state.

FYI. Clear now?



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