Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let the sliming begin -- Part Huit

Fuhhhh-neeeeee..... Not.

There's so much other stuff too, it's hard to keep up. But nice to see some people put their rhetorical robes on.

(h/t to ThinkProgress for bringing to people's attention this latest beautiful example of human nature)


Darrin Bell's insightful comic strip "Candorville" has the best answer to all that foofrah about the Rev. Wright "controversy" that the M$M has been peddling (doing yeoman work for the GOP race-baiters without even getting paid). It starts on the May 5th strip and goes on from there (click the ">>" icon for subsequent strips)

Update 2

Tony Blankeley puts on the robes too. He's just too stoopid to realise it.... Sadly, No! vivisects him expertly:

Tony Blankley, that “fish-eyed sack of loathsome bile and infamy,”1 is gracing the pages of the Moonie Times with a column arguing that one of the legitimate reasons to vote against Obama is because he’s black:

"In this unprecedented election year we run the risk of having two conversations: a polite, public one that uses euphemisms or evasions about race, and a nasty private one that is likely to dredge up the worst within us — the conversation that won’t be on television, but will be on the internet and on the subway and wherever people congregate to chat. I would argue that the more honest the public conversation is, the less virulent the private one will be."

I’m not buying this. Saying publicly that Obama is a scary Negro who will play hoops in the Rose Garden while the U.S. burns isn’t going to make the private conversations less virulent. Blankley is just looking for an excuse to say in public, with a smile on his face, that he doesn’t want a porch monkey in the Oval Office.

"And therein I respectfully dissent from the comments last week by my friend and former Reagan White House colleague, Peggy Noonan — who argued that it was 'vulgar' and destructive of the body politic to talk about race. … Vulgar? Yes, I will give Peggy that. But democratic politics is inherently vulgar."

And you thought I was exaggerating when I said the Blankley was getting ready to call Barack a porch monkey.

"[W]hat are we to make of the fact that Barack Obama’s African father causes him to be seen as the first African American or black nominee for president? … [F]or a larger number of voters there exists some extra resistance to voting for someone who — on the surface — seems different. This is race (or other demographic) consciousness — but not straight out bigotry."

Saying that extra resistance based on skin color isn’t bigotry but is “race consciousness” is like saying that putting blacks in the back of the bus isn’t racism but is simply a “passenger sorting technique.”

Like I said, these people just don't "get it". This all comes natural to them, like sh*tting, and they never sit and think about what their thoughts and actions mean ... or whether the stuff that comes out stinks.


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