Friday, May 02, 2008

"Dumb and ... dumbest"?!?!?

... or is it just feeding red meat to the far RW foamer contingent....

With the "straight-talking" McCain, it's hard to tell whether it's pandering ... or just a "senior moment", ignerrence, sublime eedjitcy, or worse.

ThinkProgress reports that McCain's trying for foreign policy gutterballs:
McCain, seeking to make “his most comprehensive statement” yet on foreign policy, declared that Russia should be kicked out of the G8, of which it has been a member since 1997:

We should start by ensuring that the G-8, the group of eight highly industrialized states, becomes again a club of leading market democracies: it should include Brazil and India but exclude Russia. Rather than tolerate Russia’s nuclear blackmail or cyber attacks, Western nations should make clear that the solidarity of NATO, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, is indivisible and that the organization’s doors remain open to all democracies committed to the defense of freedom.

Why McCain thinks that sucking up to RW kooks is going to get him elected is beyond me.

And just for McCain's information, Russia is one of the world's biggest petroleum and natural gas producers ... not that this little nugget of actual fact has anything to do with the issue of whether we ought to go gratuitously dumping Russia from the G-8 because the RW foamers still think that Russia is ... well, Russia ... you know, Rooskies....

More from the ThinkProgress post:
But, as the Los Angeles Times recently reported, McCain is already backing away from that idea because it was “greeted with alarm by some Republican supporters and wariness by important U.S. allies.”
Hey! Over there! Looky! It's an angry black minister....

Go read the rest; it's pretty bone-numbingly stoopid.


At 4:13 AM, Blogger Maximus said...

McCain is on the outs with the tsar there...


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