Thursday, May 29, 2008

The conversation we should be hearing....

McSame has decided to "invite" Barack Obama to visit Iraq to see what's really going on:
Speaking with evident condescension, Arizona Sen. John McCain needled Barack Obama on Wednesday by offering to travel to Iraq with the Illinois senator to help him gain a better understanding of the war and the consequences of withdrawing troops.

The attack by the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was in line with his campaign's recent attempts to portray Obama as too young and inexperienced to lead the nation.
Here's how the conversation should have gone:

McSame: "Hey, Barack, you know, you oughtta go visit Ey-rack like me so you will know what's going on over there."

Obama: "Sure. Excellent idea. Can I borrow your armed escort of 100 American soldier with assault rifles at the ready, the three Blackhawk helicopters, two Apache gunships, and your bulletproof vest?"


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