Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In the "old news" department

TalkingPointsMemo reports this:
An intriguing pattern has emerged in two special elections for the House in Louisiana and Mississippi: Both of the candidates backed by the National Republican Congressional Committee have had a bit of a, shall we say, white supremacy issue.

This is not to say that the two are white supremacists -- rather, they have both flirted with organizations and/or people who are known for, at a minimum, dabbling rather heavily in such sentiments.

The Mississippi case is fairly straightforward -- the GOP candidate is a mayor who had once agreed to accept a gift to his city from a white supremacist group, then backed off. The Louisiana example is a lot more complicated, involving attempts to cover up payments connected to the infamous Klansman/Neo-Nazi David Duke.

Both seats were held by the GOP before resignations by incumbents set up the special elections -- and both are heavily contested and have attracted the attention of the national parties, especially the Louisiana contest.
For those that have have been sleeping for forty years, news flash: The Republicans have taken in the racist contingent in the U.S. into their party. David Duke, former head of the KKK, was the Republican candidate for governor in Louisiana, for those that still need a clue. That's your "Republican base"....


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