Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey, CNN!!! Where's "Scooter"?

So FauxSnooze has hired Karl Rove to be a "contributor" (all the while refusing to point out that he's a McCain advisor ... not to mention all-round azo).

CNN, not to be outdone in a Rush To The Right, hires Tony Snow to try and attract the same foaming RW 28%ers that FauxSnooze has already got all sewn up.

Why, CNN? Didn't hiring the racist sack'o'sh*te (and RW foamer) Glenn Beck get you enough of the mental midget brigade?!?!?

I've got an idea: Why not hire convicted felons fresh from the maladministration in need of a job? There's a whole slew of them. "Affirmative Action" for Rethuglican crooks'n'liars, you see, one of the most "disadvantaged" groups around. I know "Scooter" Libby could use some love.....


At 9:12 AM, Blogger Bartbuster said...

I cannot imagine what CNN is doing when it hires clowns like Beck and Snow. If I wanted to be misinformed by idiots, I'd watch Faux News.


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