Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our broken "mainstream" media

Glenn Greenwald really nails it here.

But are the media as a whole irredeemably broken? Perhaps not. Ché Pasa, a commentator on Glenn's blog points out that there's perhaps some hope in our children:
There was something on NPR yesterday dealing with all the protests and arrests and interferences with Business As Usual that sort of crystalized the whole ridiculous situation.

Some Great Thinker on NPR was interviewing some young punk and asked how come there weren't more people in the streets if Americans were so opposed to this war, how come they weren't getting their heads bashed in and being dragged off to jail the way they did during Vietnam (apparently Chicago '68 is now the definition of protest over Vietnam, but whatever).

And the punk said something like: There were 8-10 million people in the streets before the Iraq invasion, more than have ever publically protested anything in human history, and you people barely noticed. If there were more in the streets now, would you know it?

Sputter, sputter.
Indeed. The kid isn't fooled.

The M$M is finished. They're the "walking dead", and they don't even know it (which is par for the course for them nowadays). We really don't need them any more.


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