Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let the sliming begin -- Part Six

Now that Obama's given the "Kennedy" speech and things are settling down concerning l'affaire Monsieur Wright, it's time for a "kinder, gentler [and more plausibly-deniable] sliming", amply assisted -- of course -- by the M$M and for free too.

Digby reports:
McCain has "suspended" a staffer for circulating a nasty video about Senator Obama. He says there is no tolerance for such behavior in his campaign and he will fire anyone who does it. He is so adamant about it that he alerted the media and told them all about it. And the media dutifully reported McCain's fine decision, citing his commitment to running a clean campaign and disowning of this horrible video --- and then they showed the name and URL on the Youtube site, just in case anyone needed to see the scurrilous video over which the good man McCain so righteously suspended his campaign staffer.
Wow, that works well. Particularly if -- nay, when -- the media does what they're supposed to do....


Digby's updates point to this Time magazine update, which says (with tongue in cheek) that this "plausibly deniable" attack is simply not working:
And for those who are counting, the smarmy YouTube attack on Obama has yet to get many viewers. As of this posting, it has only been watched 53,694 times.
Better luck next time....


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