Saturday, March 29, 2008

From the "doesn't it just make you sick" files

We know that the Dubya maladministration has been the most politicised executive ever. We have such things as the "U.S. attorneys" scandals, the appointment of political hacks to head emergency resources such as FEMA, the unshamable Lurita Doan at the GSA, the hiring of unqualified cronies and Republican sycophants in Iraq, and the Rove-led persecution of Siegelman....

But every once in a while you get a real stunner. The Miami Herald reports:
The Navy lawyer for Osama bin Laden's driver argues in a Guantánamo military commissions motion that senior Pentagon officials are orchestrating war crimes prosecutions for the 2008 campaign.

The Pentagon declined late Friday to address the defense lawyer's allegations, noting that the matter is under litigation.

The brief filed Thursday by Navy Lt. Cmdr. Brian Mizer directly challenged the integrity of President Bush's war court.

Notably, it describes a Sept. 29, 2006, meeting at the Pentagon in which Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, a veteran White House appointee, asked lawyers to consider Sept. 11, 2001, prosecutions in light of the campaign.

''We need to think about charging some of the high-value detainees because there could be strategic political value to charging some of these detainees before the election,'' England is quoted as saying.
Combined with what Col. Morris Davis said, this has all the hallmarks of a gross miscarriange of justice.

These are show trials. Where have we seen that before?


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