Sunday, March 30, 2008

Five out of five Secretaries of State agree...

... that Dubya should be flossed up between his butt-cheeks with a hemp rope.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:
Five former U.S. secretaries of State said Thursday the next president should move quickly to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

That single act would improve America's dismal reputation in the world immediately, agreed Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell.
Here's James Baker:
Baker, secretary of State under the senior Bush, said he thinks America's reputation is on the upswing internationally, but he was harsher than the others in criticizing U.S. policy on enemy combatants.

Guantanamo "gives us a very, very bad name, not just internationally," Baker said. "I have a great deal of difficulty understanding how we can hold someone, pick someone up, particularly someone who might be an American citizen, even if they were caught somewhere abroad, acting against American interests, and hold them without ever giving them an opportunity to appear before a magistrate."
Quite true. The Guantánamo detention camp was created specifically for the purpose of providing a legal 'black hole', where legal protections could be denied to anyone that the maladministration thought fit to squirrel away there. The jurisdictional 'argument' for denying the rights guaranteed under the U.S justice system could be made, not because the detainee was allegedly committed any acts there or chose to go there to escape the U.S., but rather because the U.S. brought them there by force.

Hey, waiddaminnit... Baker... James Baker?!? Hey, wasn't he one of the guys that engineered the coronation of Preznit Dumbya by his buddies on the U.S. Supreme Court in the first place? And Guantánamo is enough to bother even this guy?

(h/t to ThinkProgress)


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