Sunday, March 30, 2008

... And then there was one.

As Atrios notes over at Eschaton, the N.Y. Times, in an editorial, mentions the fact that the thoroughly Right-Wing Authoritarian Dubya is insistent on getting his most whacko candidates confirmed for maladministratin positions. When Congress pushes back and says, "Hooo, you're craaaaaazzeeeeeeee!!!", he just gets more determined.

So we have this (from the editorial):
When Mr. Bush refused to withdraw the Bradbury nomination, the Senate’s Democratic leaders decided to stop processing other controversial nominations.


At this point, according to a review by, the election commission, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Mine Safety and Health Review Commission, the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board and the National Labor Relations Board do not have enough members to do their jobs. Scores of federal judgeships are vacant. The Council of Economic Advisers is down to one adviser.
But the editorial continues:
This is bad for the country. Mr. Bush should withdraw Mr. Bradbury’s nomination, replace him at the Justice Department with someone committed to upholding the law and take Mr. Reid’s offer.
I've got news for them. That's what some in Congress thought they were getting a while back. But I have just one word for them: "Mukasey"....

Thanks, Chuck and Dianne.

FWIW, the editorial concludes thusly:
The president’s hyperpartisanship and my-way-or-the-highway arrogance is now close to paralyzing his own administration.
Maybe that's not a bad thing....


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