Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adopt the right viewpoint, and things are looking up

Thanks to Ondolette (from over at Home Of The Brave, as well as a frequent participant on Glenn Greenwald's blog), for the link to this article:

Nazi Atrocities, Committed by Ordinary People
By Georg Bönisch and Klaus Wiegrefe

From doctors to opera singers, teachers to truant schoolchildren, the extermination of European Jews was the work of roughly 200,000 ordinary Germans and their helpers. Years of research -- not yet complete -- reveal how sane members of a modern society committed murder for an evil regime.

Reading down in the article, we have this:
[T]he horrifying results of an opinion poll that the Americans conducted in their occupation zone in October 1945 could have raised doubts even then about the version of the story that blames everything on a few pathological criminals. Twenty percent of the respondents "agreed with Hitler's treatment of the Jews." Another 19 percent said that although they felt that his policies toward Jews were exaggerated, they were fundamentally correct.
20% agreed with Hitler's policies. 39% (19% more) said that while he may not have been doing the best job ever, the "war on Jews" was still correct.

Things could be worse for us as a nation, it seems. I think that puts the 26% that approve of Dubya, the 31% that think he's doing a good job, and the 36% that think going to war with Iraq was right in proper perspective. We aren't that bad off; other countries have had similar proportions of bloodthirsty complete whacks, even after they've had time to reflect back on the consequences and results of their actions.... We'll come around; Germany did.


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