Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So good to find a man of principle ... on some things...

The inestimable Digby found this wonderful gem while looking at Hillary Clinton's inexplicable suggestion of bringing Colin Powell into her administration if elected:
Exploiting Clinton's weakness vis-à-vis the armed forces, Powell went public with his opposition to the plan to integrate homosexuals into the military, letting it be known that he might resign over the issue and humiliating Clinton into negotiating with-and all but surrendering to-his own military chiefs.
(original source unknown; see Digby's post)

Yeah, pretty interesting what issue is of such profound national importance it raises Powell's ire to the point he'll resign in protest, eh? My, what strength of character and integrity....

Nice to see a person that knows when to stand up for what is right, and for what is really important. That the stuff he was peddling at the U.N. before the Iraq war was "bullsh*t" wasn't of any earth-shaking consequence (unless you happened to be on the ground in Iraq), and hardly anything to be making a big stink about ... but Gays. In. The. Military!!! Quick, run! Hide the chill'uns....

Granted, Powell's opposition wasn't the only factor in Clinton's acquiescence. And Clinton might have used the moment to make his own "stand on principle" (and still survived).

But the real issue here is what is important enough to Colin Powell to move him to resign (or at least to threaten to).



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