Thursday, November 08, 2007

"Science" through Internet polling

The global warming denial camp, and the assorted hangers-on of the RW foamer cotillions, Dubya-sycophants, and anyone else on the right that is desperately trying to prevent today's RW from being shown for the eedjits and Neanderthals they are, have come up with a new method of scientific discovery: self-selected Internet polls (h/t to ThinkProgress):

Currently leading the field in the “Best Science Blog” category is a website whose work has gone a long way in furthering anti-scientific interests, the global warming denialist blog Climate Audit.

Climate Audit is run by Stephen McIntyre, a Canadian and “former mining executive” who has become the darling of climate skeptics by challenging the conclusions of Pennsylvania State University climatologist Michael Mann and NASA’s James Hansen.

McIntyre’s criticisms of Mann, which appeared in the non-peer reviewed conservative journal Energy & Environment, have themselves been challenged for “overstat[ing]” their case. Even McIntyre himself has admitted that “the significance of things has been misstated by [Rush] Limbaugh and people like that.”

So if enough people vote this site "Best Science Blog", who can argue that Gore, the Norwegian Storting (who awards the Nobel Peace Prize), the AMPAS, and the thousands of peer-reviewed scientists that have contributed to the IPCC aren't just sadly mistaken?

"Science by controlled public relations" has been perfected by the Dubya maladministration. "Science by unscientific (and Freeped) poll", though, seems to take the cake. An Ig Nobel prize for these folks is indubitably in the offing.


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