Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dubya's patented Disaster Relief™

According to CNN, the Deciderator-in-Chief will go to Minneapolis to...:
visit the disaster site Saturday....
... to make a thirty second speech/photo-op about the tragedy -- hopefully with some "victims" in the background (or better yet, some real-life "heroes") -- and then launch a ten minute diatribe at the Democrats for being such "obstructionists" that they won't vote any bills out of Congress, and telling them to pass out whatever the Republicans will let them take a vote on (which is to say, only what the preznit wants) immediately.

All the networks will carry this as a "public service".

If they follow true to form, any Democrats seen on TeeVee will insist they're tough on terror too and no, they do not love bin Laden.


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