Tuesday, July 24, 2007

John Yoo, being honest for once in his life

Amidst a maelstrom of disingenuousness, lies, and disinformation in a WSJ Op/Ed, we have this little nugget of truth from John "Crush Kid's Testicles" Yoo:
If the House or Senate vote contempt motions against Ms. Taylor or Ms. Miers, a U.S. Attorney must enforce them, and since they're all Bush appointees, nothing should come of it.
Nice of him to be honest. Of course why should we take alarm that the Dubya maladministration would block any attempt to examine the legality of its doings and make it conform to the rule of law? Hell, even if someone in the executive committed murder, as long as it was on the preznit's behest, prosecuting them would just mean interfering with the preznit's co-equal status and ability to do his job as he alone sees fit, free from any unconstitutional interference by the co-ordinate branches. And doesn't he have absolute power to dictate which crimes will be prosecuted? That's "prosecutorial discretion", dontcha know? I mean, really.....

Yoo defends this obstruction of Congress with the following 'logic':
The president has every right to order his prosecutors not to bring charges against officials who defend his legitimate constitutional claims.
No. If they're "legitimate constitutional claims", that will come out in a court of law. Blocking any legal review of the question, outside of Dubya's l'etat c'est moi say-so, is no way to demonstrate that they actually are legitimate constitutional claims.


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