Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"The ability to get good information..."

Dubya tried to explain why he won't let maladministration staffers testify under oath to Congress. He trotted out the lame "executive privilege" that was struck down in U.S. v. Nixon, saying that he needs to be able to get candid advice from his staff. But he's going to make an offer that they can go talk informally, and not under oath. Says he, in attempted explanation:
"It will harm the president's ability to get good information...."
Couple of problems with this:

If he's letting them talk, that WTF difference does it make whether they're under oath? Are they going to say different things under oath than they would otherwise?

And then there's this "ability to get good information" crapola. I'd venture to say that Dubya is hardly one to be 'protecting' some alleged ability to "get good information", particularly in the wake of the Iraq debacle. Whatever he's been doing hasn't worked so far; maybe we need a bit more openness and oversight over what he's being told....

Can we please have a preznit that's not a fookin' moron?


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