Thursday, May 25, 2006

President Clueless

Dubya explains it all to the 'Merkin Peeple (quotes from a Washington Post article, with a tip'o'da'hat to Think Progress for the link):

I have said to the American people: As the Iraqis stand up, we'll stand down. But I've also said that our commanders on the ground will make that decision....

Well, I guess that "I'm the Decider" didn't last too long...

The American people need to know that we'll keep the force level there necessary to win. And it's important for the American people to know that politics isn't going to make the decision as to the size of our force level; the conditions on the ground will make the decision.

Yep. "The Decider" is definitely out.... Someone must have been watching Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, and told The Decider that he was making himself just too easy a target....

And part of the conditions on the ground is a new government. And we believe the new government is going to make a big difference from the lives of the Iraqi people.

Well, if new gummints are the trick to happiness and prosperity, by now the Iraqis should be rolling in clover. They've had -- is it three? or four? -- gummints in the last few years. Certainly that many elections ... people are running out of fingers to dye purple. And as we can clearly see, things have improved with each and every one....

I told you earlier that when you attack an Iraqi now you're, you know, you're at war with an Iraqi government that's constitutionally elected, and that's a different attitude from the way it's been in the past.

I'm sure the people with the guns and IEDs over there are going to ask: "Say, are you a constitutionally elected official? Yes? Oh, so sorry, nevermind, I'll just be on my way...." In fact, I bet all the new ministers have given up their bodygua... -- umm, second thought, anyone want to start a "Dead Pool" on the new gummint ministers instead?

Yep. Amazingly enough, that's the level of thinking of the Leader Of The Free World. Sad to say, I think they (or at least Dubya) really believe this ... despite all the reports to the contrary by even our own government agencies and military. You'd almost think that the "F**king Stupidest Guy On The Face Of The Earth", Douglas Feith, was working for Dubya, and maybe even working on this kind of 'planning'. Oh. Wait. That's right, he was....

Oh, yeah, almost forgot: Lapdog Blair was there at the news conference too. So was he able to add an ounce of sanity to the proceedings? Well, let's see, what did the nominally sane and coherent Blair have to say?:
Secondly, what they [the new gummint] intend is to come down very hard on those people who want to create the circumstances where it's difficult for the Iraqi forces to be in control.

"Hello? Abu Ghraib? Hose down the floors, we're back in business..."

And the truth of the matter is: There is no excuse now for anyone to engage in violence in Iraq.

Oh, glad you took away the excuses, Tony. That will stop 'em in their tracks. But perhaps you might have thought about taking away the weapons?!?!? Like the tons of explosives and arms you and Dubya left unguarded for weeks after the invasion?

*sheesh* Blair has caught "the stoopids" from Dubya. Was it the holding hands or the butt-sucking, you think?...


At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Blair said

'And the truth of the matter is: There is no excuse now for anyone to engage in violence in Iraq' -

how amazing, when UK and American planes buzz the country and are known to use flocks of sheep as target practice. A British (BBC) doco showed a whole village decimated by the loss of men, women, sheep and a few trucks. Hmmmn, wonder why these folks get angry and want to retaliate...

Greetings from DownUnder,

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