Monday, November 21, 2005

No "Exit Strategery"

Sometimes Jon Stewart's material just writes itself; I just won't be in town to watch tonight's hilarity. I'm sure it's all over the Internet (just as it happened to make the front page of the India Times today as I arrived in Bangalore), but I grabbed the best of the best from this wonderful sequence on Eschaton's blog. Go see it; well worth the peek.

Sometimes pictures do a much better job that words. The visual imagery ... as well as the metaphorical imagery... really does the job and little more can usefully be said. Sometimes it just takes the right frame of mind and things start to click. And maybe it will be that way with this "defining" moment for our Commander Codpiece, and the American public will have a new way of looking at him more consistent with reality (as is being shown every day) than the old "Aw, shucks, I just a regular feller" crap that he's built his so-called career on.

One more thought: Perhaps it's for the best that Dubya start getting used to locked doors. The thought warms my heart, I tell you.

Oh, yeah: The reason he was running for the exit? Well, one of those nasty, we hates 'em, tricksy reporters asked him for a follow-up, and the Thin-Skinned One wanted to take his ball and go home because they wouldn't play his rules....

Updated: courtesy of Crooks and Liars, the video.... Enjoy!


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