Thursday, October 27, 2005

I called it on Miers

Should have posted it, but I said earlier this week:

Dubya will withdraw the Miers nomination this week and then quickly nominate a RW whack conservative.

Why? Why this week? Because he needs to keep Plamegate off the front pages and needs to put up a distraction from any coverage when the indictments of his maladministration thugs are handed up. Added benefit, it gets the RW back in alignment with him to provide lots of kneejerk support for him in the midst of his legal woes.... And with the distraction and confusion, hell, he might even be able to get the RW nominee through. Of course, Dubya didn't think of this; this is pure Rove MO. Possibly a parting gift, you might say.

So we're half the way there. Watch this space. Betcha the announcement of the replacement nominee comes within minutes of the announcement of the indictments.


David Sirota calls it precisely the same way.


That was Matt Singer on David Sirota's blog.


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