Friday, January 28, 2005

Gonzales isn't fit for dog-catgher

Despite my recent waggishness, suggesting that Alberto Gonzales wasn't to blame and that the real daemon is Dubya (umm, second thought, Cheney, Dubya's an "IANAL"), I have to step forth and demand that our senators refuse to confirm his nomination as the highest law officer in the land. First off, I don't believe his denial cited in that previous post. Why? Because Gonzales is a lying sleazebag (see here and here and here).

Then we have Gonzales's complicity in TortureGate (here and here and here). Normal people just don't do this kind of stuff. Yeah, yeah, I know, he's a lawyer, but still....

Then there's Gonzales's role in executions in Texas, covering up or omitting any kind of information that might cast a clemency petition in a positive light. (see also this).

For more on the above, see this also.

I can't think of a worse candidate for the nation's top law enforcement position.

Hell with deference to the executive, and hell with laying the blame solely on Dubya ... Gonzales is an insult to all that believe in the law. If not paying a nanny's taxes is a death sentence for confirmation, surely in any rational world, he shouldn't even be given the time of day by the Senate. Vote him down, senators. Please.


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