Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Well, I guess I've done it

Those that Google me or look for me on Usenet will find that I've been pretty active in political discussions. I've often thought that I should start blogging, and at one time, one woman who has known me well for quite some time said she was surprised that I didn't have a blog.

But while I have a good job that allows me to spend a fair bit of time catching up on politics (and keeping Republicans honest), for which I am quite grateful, it also puts me on the road for days at a time, so that I thought that I wouldn't be able to put in the time and effort needed to keep a blog current, and to blog effectively.

But I thought I'd respond to Filkertom's blog, and I ended up here. It's a sign from the gawds, I tell ya! So, while I may take a while to get up to speed, here's my blog, FWIW.

A bit about me:

I have a substantial scientific background (biology, neurophysiology, science in general to a lesser extent [avid Science reader]), lots of technogeek experience (primarily telecommunications, but also computers in general), and I went to law school for a couple of years (but didn't finish; one of my failings ... otherwise known as personal quirks) primarily because I had a strong an abiding interest in Constitutional and civil rights laws over the years. I wouldn't make a good lawyer ... I know that now ... but that is no impediment to knowing what the law is ... and what the law should be. And from that comes my title here.

While what I offer won't be massive or even continuous and up-to-date, I hope to be able to offer topics from my somewhat singular POV ... and I hope you check in every once in a while. And feel free to chime in. I always welcome discussion ... and new victims, if you're of the Republican persuasion.

Oh and yeah, I hate this speciesism I see on other blogs. While I have a couple of the world's cutest cats, I think we need to stress diversity. Woot (over at Eschaton) has already got the birds covered ... and hat's off to him, so I think I'll go for the scaly stuff that has been long neglected. So my Friday blogs (when I have suitable material) will be piscine. . . .

Hope to hear from you all. And keep up the good fight, folks!

-- Arne Langsetmo


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